David Carmack Lewis

"Over the Valley" June 2020.
"The river appears as though the viewer is standing above and looking down on it—through a window, perhaps—which creates an almost illusory experience when gazing up at the 11-story mural from the ground level. It is a painting that insists on a second look; viewers must orient themselves to the world in the painting and then reorient to the world around them, suddenly altered.
This is what art does: restructures quotidian rhythms to create music where once was just traffic, automatic doors swishing open, the sides of buildings."
Boise Weekly

"Over the Valley" is the subject of the short documentary film "COVID Landscape" by Feat1stFilms, an official selection of the 2020 Short Documentary Film Festival, directed by John LeMay.

"I use narrative and metaphor, among the oldest tools of art, to find new meaning in, and new ways of seeing the familiar."