David Carmack Lewis

"Over the Valley" June 2020.
For me, the chair often represents a quiet, cotemplative solitude, a kind of social distancing we might seek out were it not forced upon us. But the chair is also a way to introduce the human presence, even inviting the viewer to imagine themselves in the scene. If I painted a figure, the person might be young or old, male or female, light skinned or dark, or any number of things. But a simple wooden chair can be anyone's. Even when we are alone, we are in this together. We are all just human. Art is supposed to remind us of that.

Oct. 11 – Dec. 7, 2019: Narratives & Metaphors
solo exhibit of nearly 30 new and older paintings at the Coos Art Museum. The exhibit is supported by a Professional Development Grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council.

June 2018: Awarded first place in the annual "Expressions West" show at the Coos Art Museum by juror Archana Horsting, co-founder and director of the Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, CA.

July 2017: "A God In The Hearth: a visual essay on fire and fossil fuels" was featured as a solo exhibition at the Art Center in Corvallis OR (see portfolios). A catalog of the exhibition was published through a generous grant from the Oregon Arts Commission and The Ford Family Foundation.

"I use narrative and metaphor, among the oldest tools of art, to find new meaning in the familiar."